E-Readers and other Mobile Device Tips

Here are a few tips to help you upload e-books and audio books to your E-Reader or other mobile devices

Is your device a Kindle?

Unfortunately, Kindle (Amazon) does not support Library use. This is due to Amazon's restrictions, not the Library.
The only exception is, if your Kindle device supports Apps. (such as the Kindle 'Fire') If you have a device that supports Apps. you can download the appropriate App from the Google Play Store or App Store on your device.

Does your device support Apps?

There are many different devices available which use various operating systems (OS).  If your device supports Apps, download the appropriate App:

Apple products (iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, etc): Download at the App Store

Android Products (most other devices run Android OS): Download at Play Store/Google Play

Windows Products (such as Windows Surface or other Windows tablet): Download at the Windows Store

The Apps you'll need:

Getting Apps for devices is fairly simple. The first step is finding the App in the App store and downloading it. The first time you use an App, you'll need to choose your Library (search for either Valleyview Municipal LIbrary, Peace Library System or TRAC Consortium) and then enter your barcode number and PIN #. (Your PIN is usually the last 4 digits of the phone number you're registered with at the Library - If you've changed it, or it's not working, contact the Library at (780) 524-3033 and the staff will assist you)

Overdrive: for e-books and audio books - you can locate, download and read or listen to the books right in the app.

3M Cloud Library: e-books only. Locate, download and read the book right in the app.

Hoopla: Audio books, movies, television shows, music and comic books. Download the app and watch, listen or read right in the app.

If your device DOES NOT support Apps, you must download the required software to a computer and plug your device into the computer to download. These readers are becoming more rare, but older readers/devices may require this option.

Overdrive for Computers:

Go to the TRAC Overdrive site -> Help -> Applications. If you want to read e-books, you'll need Adobe Digital Editions. If you want audio books, you'll need Overdrive.

Adobe Digital Editions:
You'll need to create a free Adobe account. Download the software, then find the 'Create a New Account' section and create your account. Make sure to choose a password you will remember!
Once the software is installed, and your Adobe account is created, you'll need to Authorize your device(s)
The first time you plug in your e-reader, Adobe Digital Editions will ask you the authorize the device. Make sure you do this.
Once you've downloaded a book, the book should open in Adobe Digital Editions in read-view on the computer. You should then go to the full library in the top left corner. This is where you can transfer books by dragging and dropping them to your device.

3M Cloud Library for Computers:
Go to the TRAC 3M Cloud Library site. Find the link to the Apps and download the PC App (they use the term App to apply to computer software in this context)
Before checking out a book, you'll be prompted to enter your Adobe ID or you can let 3M create one for you. If you've already created one, you should use the same Adobe ID and opt out of letting 3M create one for you.
Transferring to your e-reader is as easy as plugging it in and clicking a button in 3M Cloud Library. No dragging and dropping is necessary.